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September 1, 2001

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General-Purpose Flow-Through Compounds Are 'Metal-Friendly'

September, 2001

Purging Compounds:

General-PurposeFlow-Through Compounds Are 'Metal-Friendly'

The new EPIPurge FGP family of purging compounds is said to be high energy-emitting, low smoke, odorless, non-toxic, metal friendly and easy to use. These 'flow-through' compounds are in addition to the company's existing 'chemical soak' product line.

The new compounds can be used to purge injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding equipment that have molding temperatures from 250 to 800 F. They are priced from under $2/lb.

More details on each of the 19 new compounds will be available in a future issue.

Environmental Products Inc. (USA)
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