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Polymer Resources expands custom color services

Polymer Resources
The compounder has installed two new Arburg injection molding machines and added color specialists to its team.

Compounder Polymer Resources Ltd. (Farmington, CT) announced a multi-faceted expansion of its signature custom color capabilities. The expansion includes two new, fully dedicated Arburg injection molding machines and the addition of new color specialists to the Polymer Resources team.

Polymer Resources said that by investing in new resources for precision color matching, the company aims to boost its customer service capacity and flexibility; accelerate the process of formulating, testing and delivering custom-colored resins; and optimize the appearance and size of color plaques for more-accurate customer visualization and testing.

“Trends such as mass customization are driving demand for custom-colored resins,” said Bill Galla, Vice President, Sales. “Yet, manufacturers face challenges because major suppliers are limiting or eliminating the availability of color-matched resins, and color consistency can suffer when colorants are added at the machine during production. Our expanded custom color service offers consistent high quality from batch to batch, flexibility in lot size and delivery plans, and fast turnarounds from color matching to shipping production orders.”

The first of the two new Arburg machines was installed in 2018 with the second one becoming operational in Q2 2019, giving Polymer Resources the ability to increase the quantity and quality of color plaques for customer qualification and testing. The two new molding machines, along with an increase in staffing, will mean shorter lead times for the company’s standard color-matching services.

For the fastest response, Polymer Resources offers Express Color Matching, which provides precisely matched color chips for approval by the customer within one week. The process begins as soon as the part, pellets or Pantone color is received along with the application requirements.

With operations in Farmington, CT, and Rochester, NY, Polymer Resources continues to fuel its growth through ongoing investments in its manufacturing assets and its top industry talent. The company’s direct sales force and local warehousing throughout the United States enable on-time delivery and fast, local customer service anywhere in the country, the company said.

“Speed is critically important to many manufacturers as they strive to meet tight deadlines or gain a competitive advantage by being first to market,” Galla noted. “Our express services for accelerated delivery of compounds and expedited color matching help customers win in today’s fast-paced environment.”

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