3D printer combines scanning capability

It's not unusual for a 2D printer to combine the functions of a scanner. This option will soon be available in the 3D realm through development of the Blacksmith Genesis from Singapore-based start-up Blacksmith Group

3D printer/scanner serves up duplicates with ease.

Resembling a coffee machine from a distance the Genesis integrates 3D printing and 3D scanning capabilities into a single system. Physical objects can thereby be scanned for reproduction on the same unit. The digitized objects can also be modified and combined to form new unique 3D objects.

While most 3D printers use a Cartesian platform, the Blacksmith Genesis uses a rotating platform, similar to how a record player plays. This efficient mechanical design reportedly halves the distance that the extruder needs to move, making the Blacksmith Genesis 3D printer more compact than traditional designs while still being able to print large objects. This feature is also said to make it perfect for integrating 3D scanning.

The Blacksmith Genesis also comes with an in-built camera that provides automatic error detection during printing as well as off-site monitoring and control via smartphone. The operator need not be physically present in front of the printer during operation. Printing can be stopped remotely.

Files can also be printed directly from SD cards without the need for an external computer through use of an inbuilt LCD monitor. Wi-Fi connectivity is also under development.

Funding of $75,000 is being sought by Blacksmith Group on the Indiegogo website, where video demonstrations of the 3D printer/scanner can also be viewed. Early adopters can save $100 off of the $2200 list price of the printer, with free delivery to 67 countries. As of tktk, the company had raised $44,399.

Blacksmith Genesis specifications


Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling with Rotary Platform

Build Volume: 6648 cm3 (23-cm /9.1-inch diameter; 16-cm/6.3-inch height)

Layer Resolution: 50-200 microns

Filament: PLA, 1.75 mm diameter

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm

Print File Type: .STL, .OBJ



Technology: Laser Triangulation

Scan Volume: 5542 cm3 (21-cm/9.1-inch diameter; 16-cm/6.3-inch height)

Scan Speed: Approx. 6 minutes

Steps per Rotation: 1200 steps

Camera: 3.1 MP CMOS Image Sensor

Exported File Type: .STL, .OBJ



Product Dimensions: 35 (L) x 25 (W) x 41 (H) cm / 13.8 x 9.8 x 16.1 inch

Product Weight: 11 kg / 24 lbs.



Software Bundle: Blacksmith Sorcerer

Supported File Types: .STL, .OBJ, .BS

Operating Systems: All (Web-based): Windows, Mac OS, Linux



Power Requirements: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 100 W

Connectivity: USB, SD Card, Wi-Fi (future development)



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