3D printing helps medical device molder speed design verification

Our colleagues at European Medical Device Technology have reported on the results achieved by one medical device manufacturer's use of a 3D printing system from Objet to help the OEM cut development time and avoid design errors before cutting mold steel. It's not just prototyping either; parts made using this additive manufacturing process also sometimes find their way into a device's final construction.

According to EMDT, "Objet's 3-D printing technology is instrumental in NNL's ability to meet customers' demands for made-to-order imaging units and peripherals. It enables NNL to visualize concepts and to test form and fit in regard to other components at an early stage during the design process. NNL also uses Objet 3-D printing solutions to test ergonomics and evaluate the overall design. Additionally, one of the main reasons NNL chose Objet was because it would enable printed parts to be used not just for prototyping, but also in the final product."

"Objet 3-D printing has helped NNL eliminate errors in the preproduction phase of injection molding. The time to generate moulds and the costs that these incur had always been a significant portion of the costs of developing any new NNL product. The ability to check, before production, that the mould is correct saves a lot of hassle and prevents errors in the injection molding process, dramatically reducing overall costs."

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