3D printing for the masses

CAD software and service provider SolidVision (Littleton, MA) has formed a partnership with Solido (Yehud, Israel) to bring Solido’s most cost-efficient and flexible 3D desktop prototype printer to its broad base of CAD users. Solido’s SD300 Pro 3D printer is now available through SolidVision to markets in its service area.

“Until now, an affordable 3D printer has not been within reach of some markets we serve,” says Mark Sears, president of SolidVision. “[The SD300 Pro 3D] is a reliable, functional, affordable resource that enables midrange and small design and engineering as well as manufacturing firms to produce prototypes and products faster, cheaper, and more easily than ever imagined. I believe that we finally have the opportunity to bring 3D printing to every engineer’s desktop, just as SolidWorks did for 3D mechanical CAD.”

The SD300 Pro 3D printer allows users to build in-house designs directly from their CAD data by layering, cutting, and gluing engineered plastic sheets to the required specifications down to the finest detail. “This product makes in-house 3D model building available and affordable to markets where ownership was previously cost prohibitive,” says Eldad Sayada, senior VP WW Distribution & Channels at Solido. [email protected]

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