Additives bring tastes, aromas to plastics

April 10, 2009

Plastic applications requiring custom taste and scent enhancements can look to a new alliance between compounder A. Schulman Inc. (Akron, OH) and Add the Flavor LLC (New York), which hopes to commercialize its Polyflav product as a masterbatch or additive. Chuck Hampton, A. Schulman’s North American masterbatch business manager, sees a variety of end markets for the technology, telling PlasticsToday, “We envision applications in virtually any plastic part that may come in contact with the mouth. Items such as mouthguards, toothbrushes, flossing devices, waterbottle spouts, etc. have been discussed.” A. Schulman will add them to its Polybatch line of specialty additive masterbatches.

PolyFlav is available to add flavors and scents in PP PE, or PE copolymer applications such as EVA and EMA, with TPEs and silicones coming soon. 

Polyflav comes in two series, S and O, with both reported to provide long-lasting flavor. “S” offers a “strong” scent with a “subtle” taste, according to A. Schulman, while the “O” or “Optimized” series provides both strong scent and taste.

Hampton said the materials are FDA recognized, and several customers are in sampling and scale-up. The company expects commercial applications to be in the field over the next three to six months. “Now that we have announced to the public,” Hampton says, “we expect the pace of projects to heat up as molders seek to be first to offer a product utilizing this innovative technology.”
Current flavors include mint, raspberry, grape, lemon, chocolate, and orange, among others, and the companies say that unlike other technologies on the market, the product provides real taste in addition to scent. [email protected]

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