After breaking its production record, plastic tubing extruder adds floorspace

German plastic tubing processor polyvanced set a new production record for the company in March 2011 as more than five million meters of tubing were produced at its production site in Ceská Lípa Czech Republic. With the prospects of new records to be set, the company is expanding its footprint to allow for more tube processing.

polyvanced's facility in CZ
The processor of plastic tubing has expanded its facility in the Czech Republic (above) and also is promoting its PUR extrusion skills (below).
polyvanced pur tubing

To ensure it has the space to execute on incoming orders in the future, polyvanced has rented additional facilities at the production site in Ceská Lípa. Currently, connections for power supply are being increased, building approval processes are nearly complete and the roof of one of the adapted rooms will soon be lifted.

"Among other things, we are creating space for a vertically operating tube coating machine," said sales manager Matthias Strehl. The expansion is expected to be complete this autumn. "Then we will have sufficient capacities at this site to produce more than 80 million meters of hose each year," said the company's CEO, Robert Mayr.

The company is headquartered in Osnabruck, Germany, and is a key producer of polyamide 12 tubing for the automation machinery and automotive industry, among others. As a result of PA12 shortages and a ca. 30% price increase in the material in the space of just a few months, though, the company also has been promoting its experience in extrusion of polyurethane as a potential substitute. On request, the processor will help customers transition products from polyamide tubing to tubing made of modified polyurethane (PUR). "Mainly in the field of pneumatics ELAST tubing of modified PU reaches a long and trouble-free service-life. This leads to direct cost savings for the final customer," commented Strehl; ELAST is the company's brand name for its PUR tubing. "Modified polyurethane is available at any time, and in many fields it's more economic than polyamide 12," added Strehl.

The company plans an open house at its Czech facility from June 7-9. Typically its annual throughput has been about 50 million meters of plastic tubing. The company employs more than 130 in Europe.


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