AMBA keeps working to grab Congressional attention

April 07, 2009

In its ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the country’s moldmaking and manufacturing industries to congressional leaders in Washington, DC, the American Mold Builders Assn. (Rolling Meadows, IL) announced that it would hold its Annual Fall Conference for 2009 in the capital for a second consecutive year. “This is a continuation of the efforts AMBA began in 2008 with the Fall Conference that was held in Washington, DC and the Fly-In in which the AMBA participated the last week of February this year that was so successful,” says Melissa Millhuff, executive director of AMBA.

The AMBA has been working with other manufacturing and industry trade groups to bring to the attention of Congress the plight of U.S. manufacturing in general and the American mold manufacturing industry specifically.

The 2009 Fall Conference will be held from Sept. 13-15 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. The event will begin with an opening night cocktail party on Sept. 13. On Sept. 14, from 8 a.m.-noon, there will be a strategy briefing. For the rest of Sept. 14 and all of Sept.15, attendees will meet with their respective congressperson in the House and Senate. “Last Fall’s AMBA conference in Washington, DC was so successful that we’ve had requests from members to do this again,” says Millhuff. “This year however, we will hold the Fall Conference when Congress is in session so that we can have access to all of our various Representatives and Senators, and talk to them personally.”

AMBA President Steve Rotman added, “Congress works for us, and we have the power of the vote. We’ll have a score card to keep track of who votes to strengthen manufacturing in the U.S. and who doesn’t, and we can make a difference. Now is the time because people are finally listening.” Commenting on the Washington Fly-In held last year prior to the AMBA Annual Convention, Rotman noted, “In the Fly-In, we didn’t know what to expect, but we discovered that Congress is concerned about our issues, and how they can support us. They want to come and visit our shops and see what we do.” Rotman shared his views on the industry in his MPW interview here, while custom injection molder Robert Janeczko related to us his visit from his U.S. Senator here.

Mike Walter, a director on the AMBA board of supervisors, noted that he was able to meet with 10 elected officials in two days at the Fly-In. “This gave me some hope about our country,” he says. “If we keep at this and get our representatives and senators committed to support manufacturing, we can get this country back on track.”

This year’s Fall Conference will be one year before the 2010 election season when many of the Congressional delegates will be up for re-election. Millhuff commented, “This is grass roots politics at its best. We’ll see who is with us on the issues that matter and how many votes it will take to get them out of office if they don’t vote in a way that promotes U.S. manufacturing.”

Those interested in attending the Fall Conference need to register early so that the AMBA can begin arranging visits with the respective Representatives and Senators. For more information, contact the AMBA national office at 847-222-9402 or visit the AMBA website. [email protected]

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