Article leads candidate to molder's shop

Thanks to being featured in the latest issue of Modern Plastics Worldwide, Xten Industries, a custom injection molder in Kenosha, Wis., grabbed the attention of a gubernatorial candidate who came by the plant for a visit.

On Monday, March 15, Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker (R), visited Xten Industries, a custom injection molder and contract manufacturer. The stop is one of several that Walker is making on his “Brown Bag Guide to Government” campaign.  Walker’s state-wide Brown Bag campaign began last month in Green Bay, and the tour will continue for the next several months as Walker tours local businesses and meets with workers.

Xten’s Matthew Davidson welcomes Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker to the molder’s plant.

Xten’s sustainability initiatives, as presented in a feature article in the March 2010 issue of Modern Plastics Worldwide, attracted the interest of Joseph Fadness, Walker’s director of operations, who then toured Xten’s Kenosha facilities and selected Xten for the next stop on the campaign.

Matthew Davidson, partner and CEO of Xten, comments that there were about 50 people that attended the tour with Walker including employees, friends and customers. “The local news media followed Walker, giving Xten some great local publicity,” says Davidson.

“It was interesting to meet him and hear his point of view on how to revive Wisconsin’s economy,” says Davidson. “Walker’s main plank in the next 12-18 months is to create 250,000 jobs in the state. He asked intelligent questions, and we were able to compliment the state government in the assistance they’ve given us in our sustainability efforts. Walker was able to learn more about that, and he believes in incentives to capture savings and funding the types of initiatives like we’re doing.”

Davidson adds that Xten embodies the characteristics Walker is promoting: using fewer resources to improve the health of the company and its community. “We are proud of our growth,” says Davidson, “and Walker’s support as we bring global business opportunities to Kenosha that will result in additional jobs.” Clare Goldsberry

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