Automation eases tray filling

Filling trays is tedious work, with employees prone to error. New out of Meadville, PA’s NuTec Tooling Systems is an system designed to help processors avoid such errors by automating the handling of parts to and from trays. Called TrayTender and now available, the unit is billed as especially suitable for use as either a tray loader or un-loader in injection molding, machining, and assembly operations. With its two six-axis robots, it can be configured to perform other secondary operations: from labeling or marking, to vision inspection, to assembly, to spray coating. 

Flexibility is built in so that the unit can be reutilized for a variety of applications with minimal effort. The system incorporates a vertical carousel magazine in the rear of the module, designed to allow for manual loading of individual trays.  As processors’ work changes, this magazine can be adjusted to handle trays of varying lengths and widths. Loading of trays does not slow the system, and a transfer shuttle will stage and transfer trays from the vertical carousel magazine to a six-axis robot.

Ceiling mounted to a linear slide on the X-axis, this robot loads or unloads the incoming trays. After the trays are processed, a second six-axis robot is used for tray handling and secondary operations.  An exit conveyor shuttles the finished tray stack to a safe zone, where an operator can remove it. [email protected]

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