Berry Plastics invests $5 million in new line following site expansion

After completing a 29,000-ft2 addition to its facilities in Daviess County, Berry Plastics Corp. announced that it is investing $5 million on a new production line. The plant is located near the city of Odon. The expansion, which is receiving tax abatement incentives from the county, is expected to create up to five new jobs.

“The investment in Daviess County and the local economy reflects Berry Plastics’ continued belief in the high-quality support provided by the residents and local communities,” said Dave Corey, president of Berry Plastics Specialty Films Division. “This investment being made in a very challenging flexible film manufacturing application and successful operation is dependent on dedicated, highly competent personnel. Berry Plastics reviewed the overall business and operational requirements for this investment and determined that Daviess County met all criteria and has proven to be an outstanding manufacturing base.”

A press release from the company noted that beyond the initial project phase, Berry Plastics’ future plans could include additional capital investment and employment at the selected site as additional capacity is required by the market.

In another release, Berry Plastics announced that in response to the ongoing issues related to wooden pallet contamination, the company will begin offering shipping of pharmaceutical products on plastic pallets. “This initiative is a response to the negative consequences many of our customers have faced with their use of other pallets,” said Berry Plastics. 

In an effort to tightly control the supply chain, Berry Plastics will offer closed loop shipping solutions with its pharmaceutical customers. The result, said the company, “will be to establish and adhere to best practices while providing the finest product experience available while mitigating the risks associated with typical pallets.”

The initiative is “strategically aligned” with Berry’s ongoing sustainability programs. The plastic pallets will be manufactured with 100% regrind generated from Berry’s manufacturing processes. “These lightweight, plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets, will not splinter, have no nails, and therefore have no protruding nail heads that damage packaging,” stated Berry Plastics. “Most importantly, Berry’s plastic pallets will not absorb liquids and are impervious to infestation and contamination.” —PlasticsToday Staff

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