Big shot(s): Integrity installs 4-shot 1650-ton Engel

A new 4-shot 1650-ton Engel injection molding machine will allow Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. to undertake all mold trials, including final commissioning, in house, as well as give the molder and moldmaker new production capabilities. Integrity had the machine installed at its global headquarters in Oldcastle (Windsor) ON, where it joins four other presses, including a 3000-ton Ube, 1000-ton Negri Bossi, 880-ton Milacron, and a 550-ton Nissei.

Scott Allen, general manager at Integrity, said in a release that a large part of its business comes in multishot moldmaking, and that several of Integrity's customers run Engel machines, "so the continuity was an added bonus."

Ken Schad, Engel Canada area sales manager, said the machine was configured with the largest of the four injection units in the standard location so that single-shot molds, along with the complex multishot molds, can be tested on the same press. It includes a three-station rotary table on the moving platen (120, 180, and 360° of rotation), as well as four corepulls on the moving platen and two on the fixed platen. Each of these has individual proportional control and full sequencing capabilities.

Multiple custom profiles can be run with each injection unit. The main barrel has a 107-oz shot size, with barrel two (operator side) offering 40 oz; barrel three (non-operator side) 22 oz; and barrel four (back of press) 40 oz.

Diagonal tie-bar spacing on the new Engel measures 96.5 inches, with a minimum shut height of 31.5 inches and maximum shut height of 77.2 inches. Maximum open measures 120.1 inches, and the machine's hydraulic circuits include cavity (two), core (four), auxiliary pneumatic (12), and auxiliary hydraulic (12).

Engel 1650-ton 4-shot injection molding machine

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