Blender bin cleaning and changing given new air of simplicity

February 24, 2010

A pneumatic loader lift option available for Maguire blenders with removable bins speeds cleaning and changing of blender bins by lifting loaders atop the bins to enable easier access.

The system is available for an added cost of $500 to purchasers of new blenders equipped with removable bins. Such blenders are among the smaller and most widely used models from Maguire (Aston, PA), including the smallest, the MicroBlender (up to 100 lb. per hour) and the MicroPlus (up to 350 lb. per hour). The pneumatic loader lift works at the touch of a switch, lifting the bin lid and the loaders atop it and leaving ample room for the operator to remove the bins. Two safety features prevent the operator from accidentally having fingers caught if they are resting atop the bins when the lid is lowered: The lid cannot be lowered unless the operator presses two buttons simultaneously; and a large rubber flange protruding from the rim of each bin leaves more than enough room for fingers even if the lid were fully lowered. A streaming video demonstration by company president and chief designer Steve Maguire can be viewed at the Maguire website. [email protected]

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