Blowmolded roof spoiler employs ABS for heat resistance, paintability

Novodur HH-112 ABS grade from Ineos Styrolution (Frankfurt, Germany) has been selected by a major European automobile manufacturer for a blowmolded roof spoiler. Among attributes of the grade are the ability to paint it without pre-treatment steps such as surface activation.

Blowmolded roof spoiler can be painted without the need for any energy-intensive surface activation.

Novodur HH-112 is an ABS material specifically designed for high heat resistance and stiffness. It features the melt rheology required for blowmolding processing and a Vicat softening temperature of 112°C.

Energy and cost savings are achieved by taking advantage of the selected material solution. The material offers the advantage of painting without the need for energy-intensive surface activation steps such as flaming. In addition, the final application is manufactured in a single part versus multiple parts having to be assembled.

Car spoilers, in particular roof spoilers, are a trend in the automotive industry that has been observed for several years, according to Ineos. As of today, such spoilers are adopted for about 50% of all new cars. Further, since its color can be customized to the request of the driver, the spoiler may be seen as a signature statement of the car’s owner.

“Due to our long-lasting relationship with the customer and the Tier 1 supplying this part, an efficient technical cooperation drove to this interesting cost-effective solution. With this Novodur HH112 [grade] using blowmolding technology, a high-quality painted surface was achieved,” summarizes Eric Chambost, Key Account Manager at Ineos Styrolution.

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