BMB showcasing new all-electric IM solutions

October 14, 2013

BMB SpA (Brescia, Italy) will be in Hall 13, Stand A33, to demonstrate how BMB has anticipated market demands and, in cooperation with its customers, has invested heavily in R&D to provide high-performance solutions. The company’s growth in all-electric machine designs has given the company the opportunity to focus on production cells capable of operating at extremely fast cycle times, while offering precision and energy reduction of between 45% and 60% on a rugged, reliable platform.

Now, BMB offers a range of all-electric machinery from 70 to 800 tons for packaging applications. The conversion from traditional hydraulic to electric drives offers not only performance, but also elevated speed and accuracy levels, and simplicity of operation on a compact platform.

The BMB technical team can provide customer support to customers anywhere around the world through the ability to remotely access the machines, thanks to the built-in software (RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol). This is a service provided at no cost to the customer, no licensing fee.

Being demonstrated is an all-electric packaging machine, eKW38PI/2200, running a single cavity 5-liter in-mold labeled pail. Automation is from Star Automation Europe SpA, and labels from Verstraete in Belgium. An eKW45PI/5500 all-electric press will be running a 96-cavity closure mold, molding type 1881 closures, from Corvaglia Mould AG (Switzerland), with a cycle time of 3.9 seconds.

Also running will be an eKW55PI/2200 hybrid molding 590-ml PP containers weighing 12.75g, in a 6-cavity mold from Fostag Formenbau AG (Switzerland), and automation from Ilsemann Automation GmbH, with a 3.7-second cycle time.

The eKW10PI/480 all-electric press will run a 2-cavity 250-ml container weighing 8g. Star Automation is supplying the automation and the mold is from SCS Srl, Italy. An eKW28PI/1300 hybrid molding machine will mold a 5-liter pail in a single-cavity mold featuring in-mold labeling. Campetella Robotic Center Srl, Italy, provides the automation. The mold was manufactured by Top Grade Mold Ltd., Canada. Cycle time is 4.9 seconds.

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