Bosch Rexroth offers educational resource kits on factory automation, linear motion

Bosch Rexroth recently launched educational resource kits to help machine builders, systems integrators and manufacturing end-users address engineering challenges in factory automation, linear motion and mobile engineering.

Specific kits covering factory automation, mechatronics and linear motion, hydraulics, packaging and printing, and mobile technology are available.

The kit materials are drawn from Bosch Rexroth's library of drive and control application case studies, technical papers, current product brochures, links to engineering and design tools, and the company's latest videos -- carefully selected and combined in a digital package.

The resource kits currently available for ordering include: Hydraulics Performance KitLinear Motion and Mechatronics at Work Kit; Advancing Factory Automation KitMobile Technology Solutions Kit; and Packaging and Printing Kit.

The company plans to develop additional resource kits focused on other key industries and applications in the near future.

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