Boston at epicenter of medical technology innovation

Recently named the third most innovative city in the United States for medical technology in a poll conducted by sister brand Qmed, Boston hosts BIOMEDevice Boston, co-located with PLASTEC New England, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on May 6 and 7. The event combines educational sessions devoted to technologies that are rapidly transforming the medtech landscape with an exhibition highlighting advances in everything from molding to materials. Setting the tone for an event dedicated to innovation, visionary inventor Dean Kamen will be a keynote speaker on opening day.

BIOMEDevice BostonOf particular relevance to the PlasticsToday audience, a conference track is devoted to 3D printing in the medical space. The sessions will address the full range of this disruptive technology, from advances in compatible materials to a discussion of the science, and science fiction, surrounding bioprinting of tissues and organs. A panel of experts, including OPM Biomedical President Severine Zygmont, Nadav Sella of Stratasys and Stuart Williams, PhD, Director of the Bioficial Organs Program at the University of Louisville, will explore the opportunities and obstacles of medical-related 3D printing and how the technology may impact the bottom line of manufacturers.

The use of 3D printing to accelerate medical device development and the practicalities of commercializing bioprinted body parts will be specifically addressed the morning of the first day. Leveraging the technology to shorten product development and manufacturing cycles and integrating it as part of a structured business growth program will be explored on day 2 by speakers that include Sean O'Reilly, founder of 3D Printsmith; Anthony Vicari of Lux Research; and Diran Apellan, a professor of engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Other sessions invite attendees to take a deep dive into wireless technology, which will touch on such hot topics as extending battery life through energy harvesting techniques and navigating the treacherous waters of interoperability. An overview of changes in the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which will affect companies at all junctures of the supply chain, is also scheduled.

For more information on the conference program and to register, go to the BIOMEDevice conference page.

In addition to the technical presentations, hundreds of exhibitors will be on hand showcasing advances in materials, packaging, molding, extrusion, manufacturing, electronics and much more that will enable the medical technology breakthroughs of tomorrow. Complimentary product and technology briefs will be presented throughout the two-day event on the show floor at the Tech Theatre and Center Stage. And not to be missed is a keynote presentation from Dean Kamen at 11:15 AM at the Center Stage on opening day.

Kamen is the mind behind everything from the Segway and the first drug infusion pump to the DEKA, aka "Luke," prosthetic arm. He will discuss the arm and other developments at DEKA Research & Development Corp., which he founded, during the keynote address.

For more information about the event, go to the BIOMEDevice website.

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