Build a dream team in your manufacturing facility

October 14, 2009

Processors interested in learning more about hiring well, training well and keeping manufacturing employees motivated have a chance next week to hear from one of an expert in the field on just those topics.

Joe Barto, founder and president of the Training Modernization Group (Chesapeake, VA), will be conducting a workshop on "Building a Dream Team" in your manufacturing facility next Monday in a workshop as part of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence annual conference in Covington, Kentucky.
Barto, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, is an expert on lean manufacturing and leadership training and is a frequent presenter at major conferences and forums, to include at both of the last NPE tradeshows. Since founding TMG in July 2002, the company has been one of the most successful small businesses in Virginia.

Barto also shared with MPW his thoughts on building and developing a best-in-class workforce in an article on ‘People Powered Lean: Managing your most valuable assets.’ [email protected]

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