BYK acquires DyStar’s additives line

April 10, 2009

Specialty chemicals supplier Altana has acquired the high-performance additives business of textile die supplier DyStar (Frankfurt, Germany), effective March 30, 2009. The acquired business with annual sales of about €7.5 million will be integrated into Altana’s BYK Additives & Instruments division, and the production of the additives will be integrated into BYK´s main factory in Wesel, Germany.

"With the acquisition of the high-performance additives business of DyStar we continue our strategy to strengthen and further enhance the market position of our individual divisions through bolt-on acquisitions in a targeted manner," said Matthias Wolfgruber, Altana’s CEO, in a statement. BYK’s current additive range includes stabilizers, rheology modifiers, liquid pigment concentrates, dispersing agents, and more. [email protected]

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