"Cage" mold-heating process finds long-term licensee

French processor Group Dedienne Plasturgie (Dedienne), the first French company to sign a development license for the Cage System inductive mold heating process, has exercised its option to convert this to a seven-year production license. The company has licensed the process for use in its composites processing business unit, where it will develop it further for closed mold stamping and resin transfer molding (RTM), and also for its injection molding unit, where it hopes the process soon can be used in high-volume production. It anticipates the process seeing use in programs for the aerospace, automotive, transport, and sporting goods markets.

The Cage System, developed by RocTool, only heats the surface of a mold, but does so very rapidly. Because only the surface of the mold is heated, cooling also can be done rapidly. The combination of the two helps prevent warpage and makes for better surface appearance. The company plans to exhibit at this June’s NPE tradeshow in Chicago to further introduce the process to the North American market.

Group Dedienne employs 320 at seven sites (six in France and one in Romania), with turnover in 2008 of €37.7 million. [email protected]


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