The coolest thing at NPE2015 on Tuesday

Every day I try to come across the coolest thing that day at NPE and write about it. Today's winner is a mold running in a Sumitomo machine at the Canon Virginia Inc. (Newport News, VA) booth (W-3717) that molds yo-yos to give away to NPE show attendees. Canon Virginia, like many mold companies, is always needing skilled employees. And like many moldmaking firms, it decided the only way to get the skilled workers it needs is to provide the training. That led Canon Virginia to begin its own apprenticeship program, in which five employees are enrolled currently. The company employs 60 people in mold manufacturing.

As part of the four-year training program, apprentices built the 4+4-cavity mold (four male and four female halves) that make the yo-yos. So stop by the Canon Virginia Booth, and pick up a yo-yo. While you're there, take a look at the mold and think about the next generation of moldmakers that Canon Virginia is producing and how cool it is that more and more mold companies are establishing apprenticeship programs.

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