Creganna-Tactx opens office in Shanghai

November 20, 2013

One of the top 10 global medical device outsourcing companies, Creganna-Tactx Medical has announced the opening of its first representative office in Shanghai. Present in the Chinese market for 10 years, Creganna-Tactx sees this as a necessary next step to forge a deeper relationship with its foreign and domestic partners in the region. While other medical markets adjust to slower growth trends, China continues to register double-digit growth rates in this sector and is projected to become the world's third largest medtech market after the United States and Europe by 2020, according to some analysts.

Headquartered in Ireland's medtech hub in Galway, Creganna-Tactx is specialized in the design and manufacture of minimally invasive instruments, one of the eight medical device technologies that will shape medical plastics, as outlined by Doug Smock in a recent article in PlasticsToday. The company provides a full array of design, development, extrusion, molding, and manufacturing services to more than 400 medical device companies across 30 countries.

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