Crosslinked PE to expandin heating, plumbing pipe

According to a European pipe market forecast through 2005 by analyst KWD, demand for copper pipe in radiant floor heating is expected to remain largely unchanged from 1999 levels, and demand for polypropylene pipe should drop. But crosslinked polyethylene (pex) pipe demand will increase, as will multilayer applications. Multilayer and pex pipe are also expected to gain in radiator heating as other materials, including steel, pp, and polybutylene, see less use.

Ernst Geider, sales manager for pipe products at equipment maker Maillefer Extrusion, Ecublens, Switzerland, says pex and multilayer pe/aluminum composite pipe are showing the biggest gains at the expense of all-metal pipe. His colleague Franz Jermann, technical manager of pipe products, adds, “the U.K. and North America are increasingly warming up to these types of pipe.”

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