Currier buys new Kautex blow molder

March 26, 2015

Gary Kieffer (left) and Max Leone stand by their latest and greatest addition, which they showcased at NPE2015 in the Kautex booth.

At NPE2015 booth W-1551 sits a brand new blow molding system from Kautex Machines Inc. (North Branch, NJ). The sold sign indicates that it's been purchased by Currier Plastics (Auburn, NY), a custom processor that specializes in both injection molding and blow molding. PlasticsToday caught up with Currier's Max Leone, Vice President of Business Development, and Gary Kieffer, Vice President, New Product Development, and one of the company's four owners, to ask them about this latest technology purchase.

"We bought the Kautex 60 because it is a state-of-the-art machine," commented Leone. "This machine will give us two times the throughput that our smaller machines currently give us. We have a high-volume customer, and we needed this type of machine to meet his production requirements."

Leone said the new Kautex 60 system is capable of producing 100 million parts annually.

Currier has a total of 53 machines, 24 of which are in the blow molding department, and the new Kautex makes 25. "When we put this machine on the production floor, it will free up capacity in our smaller machines for short runs and smaller work," Leone said.

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