Deadline looming for ANTEC 2010 paper abstracts

Want to get your plastics-related technology in front of a most influential audience? The deadline for filing the abstract for a paper to be presented at the Society of Plastics Engineers ANTEC 2010 conference (Orlando, FL, May 16-20) is coming up on September 4, 2009. Don’t panic; you can make it!

SPE offers 37 categories, some very broad, some quite specific, for submitting papers. You’ll find one or more that fit you on SPE’s ANTEC 2010 website, where you’ll also find the top five reasons you should deliver a paper at the conference. Reason #1, “Establish yourself as a leader in your technical area,” really ought to be enough, but reaching customers and potential associates aren’t bad either.

The deadline for filing the paper itself is November 13, 2009. Both the abstract and the paper can be submitted easily online. The ANTEC Paper Template can be quickly downloaded and full information can be found by clicking here. Rob Neilley

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