Delphi optimizes cooling, insulates barrels to cut CO2 in molding facilities

Delphi Automotive's conservation efforts at its European operations have prevented more than 16,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted since the program started in 2008, with more than 7000 tonnes avoided in 2010 alone, as the program reached its highest efficiency ever. The new efficiency benchmark is thanks in part to optimization of injection molding machines' cooling systems and barrel insulation.

Delphi's Grosspetersdorf, Austria plant analyzed and optimized the cooling system for its injection molding machines, and the company says its new process saves more than 380,000 kWh of electrical energy, while avoiding the emission of more 120 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The Grosspetersdorf facility, which was established in 1986, also installed energy-saving lamp systems as well as insulating the barrels of its injection molding machines. Delphi says these efforts, which were implemented in 2010, have reduced energy consumption by about 0.5 million kwh, resulting in a CO2 avoidance of about 250 tonnes per year.

Delphi's Balassagyarmat, Hungary plant recovered heat from manufacturing processes and used it to pre-heat water for heating and/or sanitary purposes. Implemented in August 2010, the system saved 36,000m3 of natural gas by the end of 2010, preventing the emission of nearly 70 tonnes of CO2. The Balassagyarmat facility covers 14,000m2 and is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

The company revamped lighting systems at various plants to great effect, generating energy and of CO2 savings in Langenlonsheim, Germany; Braga and Castelo Branco, Portugal; Sant Vicenç, Spain; Iasi, Romania; and Bursa and Izmir, Turkey by upgrading lighting.

More than 38 Delphi plants participated, with others implementing bike-to-work days, tree plantings, installation of variable speed controllers for the ceiling fans, and a computer display shutdown mode, among other efforts, to achieve the savings. —PlasticsToday Staff



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