Delphi presents award to Arburg Brazil as top supplier

The automotive systems supplier made the presentation to injection molding machine manufacturer Arburg as part of Delphi's awards convention, held in São Paulo. The leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transport systems for the automotive sector bestowed the award on the Arburg subsidiary in Brazil for its role as an outstanding supplier in South America.

Arburg wins award from Delphi
Honored as an exceptional supplier: Arburg Brazil subsidiary manager Kai Wender (left) and his sales manager Leandro Goulart (right) accept the award from Sidney Johnson (2nd from left), Delphi VP for global supply management, and Sergio Costa, Delphi supply management Brazil.

"We are extremely proud to have been honored for our many years of excellent co-operation by this leading global automotive supplier," said Kai Wender, subsidiary manager of Arburg Ltda. in Brazil. Delphi singled out the German company's aftersales service for special praise.

Delphi presented supplier awards for each of its seven locations in South America. At Delphi EEA (Electrical/Electronic Architecture) in São Paulo, several dozen electric and hydraulic injection molding machines from Arburg (Lossburg, Germany) are in use. Arburg manufacturers all of its machines at its HQ plant in Lossburg.

Arburg also co-operates with Delphi at other locations throughout the world.





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