Diversified Plastics expands offerings with new cleanroom

Diversified Plastics Inc. (Minneapolis, MN), a precision injection molder of close-tolerance, small- to medium-sized injection molded components, has expanded its production capabilities by being able to offer value-added services that require a cleanroom environment. The facility allows the company to extend its reach into industries such as medical devices, filtration, and aerospace where special assembly and packaging operations need to be performed in cleanroom conditions.

“Adding a cleanroom facility was in our long-term plans, however, a medical-device industry customer had an immediate production need, therefore we accelerated our installation plans,” said Annette Lund, VP. “Diversified is now equipped to assemble, sonic weld, and package parts all in a clean environment. In addition, we will inventory and deliver the customer’s product as needed.”

Joe Bourgeault, quality director for Diversified, said, “This gives us a big competitive advantage, offering these value-added services for our customers, who need only one stop to have their products molded, assembled, packaged, and inventoried.”
The Diversified Plastics cleanroom is certified to ISO 14644-1 class 8 standards, which means the filtered air in the cleanroom contains no more than 100,000 particles larger than one-half (0.5) µm in size, per cubic foot of air. The room has positive pressure airflow, which forces contaminants outward when the cleanroom door is opened. Before entering the cleanroom environment, workers must enter a changing room to clothe in special apparel such as smocks, shoe coverings, and hair nets. Before any production begins, all work surfaces are wiped down completely. To ensure their strict level of cleanliness is maintained, Diversified continually monitors the room’s particle count. Additionally, Diversified Plastics is ISO 9001:2000 certified and UL registered. [email protected]

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