DuPont to add Zytel production and compounding capacity in Asia

DuPont will increase capacity for its DuPont Zytel HTN high-performance polyamide with a polymerization facility at its Sakra, Singapore facility and the addition of compounding equipment in Shenzhen, China. The Sakra facility will be able to produce 20,000 tonnes of the engineering polymer by 2013, while the compounding investment in Shenzhen has added 10,000 tonnes of Zytel HTN capacity.

Zytel HTN PPA targets metal replacement in the automotive industry focusing on underhood applications and in hybrid and electric vehicle electrical and electronic applications. Structural grades of Zytel HTN are used in hand-held devices, electrical and electronic applications, and consumer products.

Richard Bond, global marketing and product director - DuPont Performance Polymers, said that demand for high-performance materials is growing "exponentially" around the world, particularly in Asia Pacific. "This highlights the industry's need for metal-replacement technologies that reduce weight and cost as well as non-halogenated flame retardant products," Bond said.

DuPont sees the drive to reduce size and weight in consumer markets in all its markets, according to Karin Weining, global marketing director, Industrial, Consumer, Energy. "The structural capabilities of this material enable new designs and uses from sporting goods equipment to consumer tools," Weining said.

DuPont markets four grades of the polyphthalamide (PPA) based material: Zytel HTN92 (long-term retention of mechanical properties), Zytel HTN51 (stiffness and strength retention under high temperatures and chemical exposure), Zytel HTN52 (molds in water-heated tools), and Zytel HTN54 (increased toughness and improved retention of mechanical properties with moisture).

DuPont's Shenzhen site, DuPont China Holding Co. Ltd. EP Compounding, added 30,000 tonnes of new annual capacity for Zytel GRZ nylon resins and 10,000 tonnes for Zytel HTN PPA in July 2008, with production startup planned for the second quarter of 2009.



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