DuPont steps up focus on medical market

A new low-friction grade of polyacetal will be one of the focal points of a European exhibit of DuPont's polymer line for the healthcare field.

Delrin SC699 polyacetal was specifically developed for parts requiring precision molding in the healthcare industry and is compliant with regulations from the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union.

A new control grade of acetal is used to mold dose dial sleeves on an injector pen.

A DuPont spokesman said the new grade has exceptional low-friction performance and is compatible  with laser marking with use of an appropriate masterbatch.

The material is part of DuPont's exhibit next month at Pharmapack 2012 in Paris (stand 561), which also features an application for the material-the UnoPen, a disposable, variable-dose injector pen for insulin and other therapies. The pen is produced by  Ypsomed  (Burgdorf, Switzerland).

The new DuPont polyacetal is used to mold the pen's dose dial sleeve. Its low-friction is said to facilitate use of the pen by diabetes patients who are required to administer daily injections of insulin.

"The friction properties of Delrin SC699 acetal resin used for the dose dial sleeve are fundamental to the pen's ease of use," says Stefan Burren, manager product development at Ypsomed. "If friction between the parts of the pen is kept to its minimum, then the patient will need a minimum of force to dose or inject the drug."

Another recent medical application for DuPont is an arthroscopic delivery device called the  ChondroMimetic from TiGenix (Leuven, Belgium), which is a collagen-based implant for the treatment of small cartilage and underlying bone defects.

The device consists of several plastic components, including a white housing made from ABS and a translucent polycarbonate delivery tube at its tip, which allows visual progress of the implant delivery to be maintained during the surgical procedure.

Two components made from Zytel SC nylon-the plunger and compressor fingers-come into direct contact with the implant and are help hold it in place. The components require stiffness, low-friction , and flexibility. SC stands for special control. The DuPont medical line also includes premium control (PC) grades.

In another development in DuPont's healthcare business, its Actamax Surgical Materials joint venture (with Royal DSM) applied for a U.S. patent last week on a tissue adhesive and sealant comprising polyglycerol aldehyde. The business was established two years ago to bring to market next-generation biomedical materials.

DuPont will also be showing new materials and applications at NPE 2012 in Orlando, FL April 1-5. DuPont has booth 35013 in the South Hall where many of the materials companies are located.




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