Efficiency, precision DME's Plast-Ex focus

DME Company will be presenting a number of new injection molding solutions at the upcoming Plast-Ex show (May 14-16; Toronto), Canada's largest and most important plastics industry event.

Among the mold equipment supplier's technology on display will be:

16-zone hydraulic and pneumatic valve gate sequencers: With 16 timer-based zones, these valve gate controllers are said to offer faster response than typical controllers while maintaing the same accuracy and reliability. The high-efficiency sequencer also uses less electricity over the life of the unit. The PLC touchscreen eases control of the system.

Indexable mold date insert for blind hole applications: The insert allows molders to unscrew the date stamp from the parting line of the mold while the mold remains in-press, increasing the options for location of the date stamp. This allows molders to place a date stamp at the optimal location.

D-Max hot sprue bushings: D-Max bushings feature two heat zones: a slip-on, cast-in heater on the nozzle body and a square coil heater on the head area of the nozzle. This arrangement provides a more uniform heat profile than square coil heaters alone. The coil heater has a separate thermocouple and provides an accurate temperature reading to eliminate the heat soak time.

SMARTFLOW DUOFLOW cooling system manifolds: Similar to the economical Smartflow one-piece design, these extruded aluminum manifolds' smaller size offers versatile mounting.

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