El Paso Mayor visits Plastic Molding Technology

El Paso, TX Mayor Oscar Leeser visited Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT) on Friday, Jan. 30, to see first-hand some of the technological advances in precision injection molding and to show support for manufacturing, an important component of the El Paso economy.

The mayor, along with two representatives from regional economic development group, The Borderplex Alliance, toured PMT's state-of-the-art manufacturing center, where owner and CEO Charles A. Sholtis shared the new technologies, innovations and best practices that distinguish PMT as a top plastics manufacturer in North America.

PMT's Charles Sholtis and El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser. 

"PMT and other manufacturing companies in El Paso are integral to the health of the El Paso economy," Mayor Leeser said. "PMT is nationally recognized for excellence, having won the 2014 Manufacturer of the Year award, and last Friday I was able to see exactly why. Charles Sholtis and his team run a precise and specialized operation that companies around the world rely on."

Mayor Lesser added, "I am impressed by the fact that PMT is a family-owned and family-run business. El Paso is very fortunate to have this capability in our community."

Sholtis spearheaded PMT's relocation from Connecticut to El Paso in 2001. He recognized that a strong presence in the Borderplex would better position PMT as a key part of the supply chain in a region that was about to experience tremendous growth.

"The NAFTA free trade agreement opened up doors for suppliers like PMT to work more seamlessly with customers in Mexico," Sholtis said. "The move required a significant financial investment and was met with considerable skepticism, but it was a calculated risk that paid off for both our company and our customers."

"We're committed to continued growth, and it's a pleasure to see that Mayor Lesser has a strong commitment to economic development and that he appreciates the strong role manufacturing plays in both El Paso and the Borderplex as a whole," Sholtis added.

Sholtis and Mayor Leeser also discussed the need for increased promotion of educational training and workforce development in El Paso. PMT will re-launch its in-house apprenticeship program this year, but Sholtis said more emphasis on vocational training is needed locally to encourage students to pursue trade apprenticeships.

PMT is an ISO/TS16949-certified manufacturer of small precision-engineered, injection-molded plastic components, producing more than 150 million parts annually. PMT currently operates a total of 56 injection molding presses ranging from 45 to 390-tons in size, and employs 100 people. With the automotive industry in Mexico seeing record numbers of vehicle production, Sholtis noted that PMT's proximity to Mexico enables the company "to provide flexible, efficient, and cost-effective just-in-time (JIT) delivery to customers with operations in the Borderplex." 

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