Engel hosts Medical Day events at Pennsylvania and California tech centers

Engel North America has announced that it will host one-day technical symposia devoted to medical molding at its York, PA, and Corona, CA, technical centers.

Engel specialists and industry experts Harry Hamme and Bill Muldoon of NyproMold and Tom Steipp from Liquidmetal Technologies will present technical briefs, and representatives of Sterling Manufacturing (at the York event) and Fisher & Paykel (in Corona) will deliver customer success stories. Medical Day comes to the York facility on March 18, 2014, and heads south to Corona on April 8, 2014.

Braunform mold at Engel Medical Day eventsAt the Medical Day events, Engel also will showcase molding systems specifically designed for medical applications. Highlights include:

  • An Engel e-victory 310H/80W/50V 160 combi three-component injection molding machine with ecodrive and a cleanroom design producing blood transfusion drip chambers with an integrated filter.
  • An automated manufacturing cell equipped with automation equipment from Hekuma and a mold from Braunform making needle holders for insulin pens.
  • Two all-electric e-mac injection molding machines, one of which will run a compact, side-gated 64-cavity runnerless pipette tip mold supplied by Cavaform International LLC.

The event also includes an on-site Partner Fair with exhibits from a variety of mold, automation, raw material, and auxiliary equipment suppliers.

Go to the events page on the Engel website to register to attend.

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