EnterpriseIQ on your BlackBerry

June 24, 2010

IQMS (Paso Robles, CA) users can now manage and view their CRM, work flow, inventory, customer pricing, sales orders, capable to promise (CTP), shop-floor production information, and more from their BlackBerries. IQMS developed the application to meet the needs of the growing portion of its customer base that use the mobile devices to connect to the office while they're on the road.

The application utilizes existing BlackBerry software and web services (SOA) to create a constant connection to the EnterpriseIQ ERP system, with no BlackBerry server required. Through the new application, users will be able to access many areas of the ERP system that previously required a computer connection.

The feature will give users of IQMS software access to live enterprise-wide information with no batch transfers. The program supplements the existing Microsoft-based EnterpriseIQ smart phone application that focused on CRM alone. Through continuous advancement, IQMS expanded on the concept to go beyond CRM into other areas for employees who are often away from their desk. [email protected]

IQMS offers extended ERP software for the repetitive, process, and discrete manufacturing industries, with real-time manufacturing, accounting, production monitoring, quality control, supply chain, SPC, CRM, and eBusiness functionalities. [email protected]



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