EU medtech market facts and figures in free download

March 07, 2014

Pop quiz! Did you know:

  • More than 10,000 medical technology–related patents were filed with the European Patent Office in 2012, more than were filed by any other technical sector?
  • Europe is the second largest medical technology market in the world, worth an estimated €100 billion ($138 billion)?
  • Tiny, land-locked Switzerland employs the most people per capita in Europe's medtech industry?
  • Per capita medtech expenditure in Europe is approximately €195 ($268) versus $523 in the United States?
  • Europe had a positive medtech trade balance of €15.5 billion ($21.3 billion) in 2012 compared with $7.3 billion for the United States?
  • Forty-one percent of EU medtech exports went to the United States?

If some or all of that is news to you, you obviously have not seen a brochure that was just published by industry association MedTech Europe that is now available as a free download. The booklet is rich in graphics and provides well-referenced facts and figures on the EU medtech industry and markets.

The European Medical Technology Industry in Figures can be downloaded free of charge and without having to register from the MedTech Europe website.

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