Euromold 2014 showed how additive manufacturing will shape the future (slideshow)

December 04, 2014

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this year's Euromold, which took place November 25-28 in Frankfurt, Germany, was for those few days the best place to be to find out what's hot in the world of additive manufacturing.

A special exhibition entitled "Additive Manufacturing and Tooling" was on display in hall 8, where examples of profitable cooperation between the two sectors were being demonstrated. However, the main draw of the show was hall 11, which was wholly given over to the world of 3D printing. Printers, in all sizes and shapes, from sleekly designed to sturdy, nuts-and-bolts machines able to print outsized products were being shown; filaments, powders, scanners, software, accessories, companies offering 3D printing services, products ranging from body parts to action film costumes: in short, hall 11 was definitely the place to be. 

For the last time, however: in a break with tradition, Demat, the organization behind the Euromold has announced that the show, will be moving to Dusseldorf next year, citing the more central location and flexible approach of Messe Dusseldorf as the main reasons for the decision. 

Click through the slideshow to see a selection of what was on display in hall 11: 

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