Exclusive alliance for coreless stretch-film systems

Extrusion systems manufacturer Davis-Standard LLC has signed an exclusive agreement with NO.El srl to jointly supply inline coreless stretch-film systems in an agreement matching Davis-Standard's film extrusion and conversion experience with NO.EL's coreless winding technology.

coreless extruded rolls from Davis-Standard and NO.EL
Coreless rolls help processors save on logistics and other costs, and also help them meet their customers' stricter sustainability standards.

Coreless winding offers plastic film processors a host of advantages, including reducing costs or removing the need for management and disposal of the used cores, reducing waste taxes, eliminating shipping and storage costs by optimizing film footage on a pallet, and lowering production costs. As reported here, NO.EL (San Pietro Mosezzo, Italy) planned to import its technology into North America, but now will work with Davis-Standard not only for North America but elsewhere.

The two currently can market coreless and pre-stretch film systems in widths up to 3m (120 inches) and say plans already are underway to offer lines with wider widths. "We are pleased to be working with Davis-Standard to offer a coreless winding package to the stretch-film market. Our combined technologies create a green option that reduces carbon, production waste and costs," said Roberto Colombo, NO.EL's VP of sales. "Eliminating cores can save as much as $360 of the cost per pallet of 360 hand rolls wound on 2-inch (50-mm) conventional-size cardboard cores. Coreless wound rolls are also smaller in size for the same amount of film, making them easier to handle and cheaper to transport."
NO.EL's inline coreless winders enable processors to produce conventional cast stretch film for hand and/or machine wrap at line speeds up to 700m per minute (2240 ft per minute) in widths from 1-3m (40-120 inches). Line speeds up to 1100m per minute (3600 ft per minute) are also possible using NO.EL's inline pre-stretch technology in conjunction with Davis-Standard cast stretch lines.

Competitors to NO.EL in the market include Italy's Syncro and Cooper Machine & Tool (Concord, ON). But according to Davis-Standard Executive VP Hassan Helmy, "There are several coreless suppliers, but NO.EL is the only one with proven inline and off-line production success. NO.EL's patented technology and many installations convinced us that their company was the most advanced and reliable platform for Davis-Standard customers looking to migrate to a greener, advanced coreless solution."

The system from NO.EL includes a patented air-floatation mandrel that expands the finished film roll, allowing it to be removed from the core shaft without sticking or twisting film. Sequential porting of the air used to float the film off the shaft allows for wider width, multi-roll winding on a single shaft. [email protected]

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