Fakuma 2009: Pick your color, get your part

To showcase its ability to swiftly supply custom-colored compounds, plastics supplier Evonik (Düsseldorf, Germany) will ask attendees at the Fakuma tradeshow in Germany next month to pick a color, then—minutes later—hand them a part molded in their tone of choice.
The event will be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 13-17. Evonik promises that the part will be “something practical” and will come in a color individually selected by the visitor only minutes earlier. To master the coloring competition, Evonik promotes its Polytrend liquid colorant technology, introduced at the K show in 2007. Polytrend is an offline mixing technology that is said to offer greater flexibility and speed than competitive systems because it allows a processor to produce selectively colored plastics and to react immediately to market requirements. It combines specially developed systems of liquid colors with an automated mixing station. This permits processors to produce the required tint themselves, cutting costs, in any required quantity, with no long lead times.
Molding of the practical parts will be done at the stand of Windsor (Hanau, also Germany), which in Germany and Eastern Europe represents injection molding machine manufacturer JSW.

The supplier of acrylic, PEEK, and other materials also will use the Fakuma stage to introduce the next generation of this coloring technology. Calling it Polytrend Color Infusion Plus, Evonik claims it will allow a desired color to be mixed and fed directly into a processing machine, so a user can adjust color settings during production.

“Thanks to Polytrend even small batches can be quickly and economically produced,” says Marketing Manager Frank Huynen, “thereby doing away with the necessity of producing large batches of color. You don’t need to stick forever to the color you chose. Instead, it’s now possible to switch colors after a short while, or after a small number of units.” [email protected]

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