Fanuc America features motion controller at the Assembly Show

October 15, 2014

Fanuc America Corp., a subsidiary of Fanuc Corp. in Japan, will feature its Power Motion i-Model A, a motion controller for high performance, multi-axes, general motion applications, at the Assembly Show, Booth #1425, next week (Oct. 28-30) in Rosemont, IL. The Power Motion i-Model A is an integrated solution supporting up to 32 axes of high-performance motion control, combined with high sped programmable logic controllers up to 2048 input points.

Fanuc said that the Power Motion i-Model A offers multi-axis and multi-path functionality for a maximum of 32 total control axes that can be grouped in up to four independent control paths, each path containing a maximum of 24 axes; 4 axes simultaneous motion. Alternatively, up to 16 axes can be individually controlled directly by the programmable logic controller. Advanced functions allow flexible motion control of axes by position, speed, torque or pressure.

The Power Motion i-Model A provides a variety of standard screens for setup, operation and maintenance and an easy high-level motion path programming system. It provides fast, low-cost application development, an integrated motion specific architecture that provides a highly competitive hardware cost for multi-axis applications, as well as the reliability and performance that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Power Motion i-Model A integrates seamlessly and quickly into production systems with the widest range of field network support. Communications with business systems, manufacturing systems and robots are achieved easily with embedded Ethernet, said Fanuc.

Fanuc America Corp. is headquartered in Rochester Hills, MI, and provides automation solutions in the Americas including CNC systems, robotics and factory automation solutions with 38 locations supporting customers throughout North and South America. 

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