Faster plastic fusion with strength to boot

Two new devices for laser welding of plastics will debut at the K Show offering flexibility, faster processing times, and higher seam quality, among other attributes.

From LPKF Laser & Electronics AG (Erlangen, Germany), the LQ-Vario RT is a flexible and compact laser welding system specifically designed for the economical processing of small and medium-sized batches. A rotary table speeds up mechanical loading and greatly enhances productivity.

Rotary table

Rotary table reduces manual loading time in laser welder.

Laser welder facilitates robot-assisted welding of large free-form components.

LPKF will also debut the TwinWeld3D hybrid welding machine, which is a turnkey system boasting much higher welding seam quality and faster processing times. This not only cuts production costs but also minimizes tooling costs because tempering is usually no longer required. The robot-supported system reportedly enables 3D designs for car head lights and tail lights to be created that are impossible with other welding methods.

LPKF has identified two major trends in the plastic welding sector: processing micro-components, and large 3D free form components. Laser plastic welding has gained a leading position in both of these areas. Visitors to K can learn more at Stand 11/E04.-Stephen Moore



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