Ferromatik Milacron launching European tour

In anticipation of K 2013 (Oct. 16-23; Düsseldorf, Germany), Ferromatik Milacron will be taking two injection molding machines on a European tour of local offices in Spain, Italy, Denmark and the UK, beginning later this month in Barcelona, Spain, and concluding in April in Chesterfield, UK.

The company will be demonstrating medical and consumer applications on a hybrid F 80 and an all-electric ELEKTRON 50.

"The roadshow gives us a chance to introduce our machines in smaller, more personal venues, and allows our customers to engage with us directly in their own locale," said Gerold Schley, managing director of Ferromatik Milacron and VP of Milacron China, in a statement.

The F-Series employs a modular approach, meaning the machine can be configured as an all-electric, hydraulic, or hybrid machine. The hybrid configuration on tour will feature electrically driven clamping and plasticizing and hydraulically powered injection, ejection, and carriage movement. The unit will have a clamping force of 800 kN, and will be producing syringe protectors in a cycle time of 5.8 seconds with a 41.6g shot weight. It will be running a 64-cavity mold from Schöttli (Diessenhofen, Switzerland).

The ELEKTRON 50 is a second-generation, all-electric unit with 500 kN clamping force. Outfitted with a size 120 injection unit, it will produce toy building blocks on a 20-cavity mold by B&K Kunststoffwerke (Bonn, Germany). A new biopolymer, Terez-Naturegran PV 6930, from Livemold (Breitungen, Germany) will be used in 36g shots. The resin contains 70% corn-based material that is said to be biodegradable in 10-15 years.

The dates are as follows (click on links to email the local office): Barcelona (Feb. 20-21); Camposampiero, Italy (March 7-9); Humlebaek, Denmark (March 18-21); Chesterfield (April 16-17). There is no charge, and spaces are still available.

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