FR concentrate offers good dispersion

September 25, 2008

A new flame-retardant concentrate not only passes current efficacy tests but can be used in heat-seal films, offering non-blooming properties, as well as good dispersion and high-heat stability in even the thinnest gauges. PM13800 flame retardant concentrate can be used in all polyethylene films, including low density, linear low density, and high density grades. The manufacturer says the concentrate is also suited for blowmolded and injection molded parts, extruded low-density PE foams, extrusion coatings, and thermoformable sheet. Suitable applications include those where a flame retardant plus heat sealability or printability for good graphics is needed.

Internal testing shows that PM13800 has strong performance in UL-94 tests (V-0, V-1, V-2) as well as CPAI-84 6 and 7, NFPA 701, ASTM D-2863, and MVSS 302 certifications. The concentrate is supplied as white PE pellets, with a recommended maximum processing temperature of 610°F (321°C). Techmer PM, Clinton, TN;

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