General Motors to invest $1 billion in Detroit-area tech center

What does it take to make the Detroit area another Silicon Valley? General Motors hopes that a new technical center will do the trick; it announced plans to invest $1 billion on construction and renovations at its 326-acre Warren Technical Center.

The Warren Technical Center was built nearly 60 years ago and was designed by architect Eero Saarinen. The building is designated as a National Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places. GM's multi-year project, which is driving new construction on the campus, will result in creating approximately 2,600 new jobs to support future business growth, said GM.

Mark Reuss, GM
Mark Reuss, GM Executive Vice President.

"This is an investment in our people, our products and, ultimately, our customers, to make the tech center a more advanced, more efficient and more collaborative workplace," said Mark Reuss, GM Executive Vice President, Global Product Development and Purchasing and Supply Chain. "Developing a new vehicle is a total team effort, and every facet of this project will make us a stronger team."

Under current plans, the jobs will be created in core areas such as product engineering, IT and design, all areas critical to support future business growth. GM's Warren Technical Center is currently home to more than 19,000 employees.

PlasticsToday has written frequently about how automotive OEMs are pushing for new technology and innovations from their supply base to help it create cutting-edge vehicles. Staying ahead with vehicle technology, materials and processes is the big push among automakers today.

Investment highlights include construction of new design studios; rebuilding and renovating some existing R&D facilities; construction of a multi-story IT building adjacent to the current Michigan IT Innovation Center; construction to accommodate additional testing areas at the Advanced Energy Center; and extensive office upgrades to improve the work environment for all campus functions, including the Vehicle Engineering Center (VEC), said GM's information.

In addition, GM previously announced $139.5 million for body shop and stamping facility upgrades at its Warren Pre-Production Operations, part of a $5.4 billion investment in U.S. plants announced April 30.

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