Getting a handle on wetting

Wetting tests and measurements of uncoated or coated plastic surfaces can be accomplished with one hand using the MobileDrop testing unit from Krüss GmbH (Hamburg, Germany).


Interactions of liquids with various surfaces can be quantified with a portable testing device.

The portable instrument docks with a notebook computer and requires a measuring area of only a few square centimeters. Easily exchangeable dosing heads allow the rapid use of different test liquids. Tilted, vertical or enclosed surfaces can also be tested.

Krüss also offers a high-temperature version-the MobileDrop HT-for analysis of hot surfaces that can potentially replace the crude "egg-frying" method. The vendor also offers a dosing head with accurately adjustable dosing volume intended for carrying out measurements according to specific standards. The company is present at the K Show at Stand 10/D04.-Stephen Moore


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