Gneuss promotes rotary-filtration systems for polymerization

September 11, 2009

Saying its rotary-filtration systems reliably meet the demanding requirements of the polymerization industry, melt-filtration and measuring technology supplier Gneuss says its SFXmagnus and RSFgenius rotary filtration systems ensure trouble-free production processes. The company says the systems provide short melt residence time while removing contamination quickly and reliably—two keys for polymerization. Typically located downstream of the reactor’s discharge pump, the filtration system is pivotal to the production of various materials.

The SFXmagnus and RSFgenius systems are suitable for throughput rates up to 32 tonnes/hr, utilizing a rotary disc design, where the disc is encapsulated between two blocks preventing contact between the medium being filtered and the environment. A sealed door provides access for replacing the filter elements, and dead areas in the melt flow are avoided by the melt channel’s streamlined design, which also serves to reduce residence time to a minimum. SFXmagnus and RSFgenius operate automatically, time and pressure dependent. According to Gneuss, the main advantage of its filtration systems is that no off-grade material, strand breaks, or color variations occur during filter-element changes. [email protected]

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