GX series injection molding machines make U.S. debut

It was a new injection molding machine for the U.S. market for KraussMaffei Corp. in the new year, as the German supplier of plastics processing machinery premiered the GX Series of machines at a TechDay event in Warren, MI in January.

The event was held in conjunction with Proper Group International. KM said the GX 400-4300 in operation in Warren helped showcase modular automation cells with linear and industrial robots in different configurations.

In addition to the debut of the GX series, the event also featured an MX 1600 SpinForm Multi Shot Machine, AX 180-380, FiberForm light-weighting technology, and KM’s SkinForm system for creating parts with polyurethane and thermoplastic elements on the same machine.

The GX series, which is available with a clamping force range from 4000 to 6500 kN, had its global debut last October in Friedrichshafen, Germany at the Fakuma fair. The GX features a new control, the MC-6, which replaces the MC-5 and allows molders to change and customize parameters.

The machine’s Eco button makes process adjustments to minimize energy use on the two-platen hydromechanical press. The clamp has been redesigned for greater energy efficiency and includes the GearX locking system consisting of a ball and screw that allows molders to close both units with one. KM reports dry cycle times under 2.6 seconds, noting that Europmap 6 clocked it at 2.3 seconds. The Guide X’s guidance shoe reportedly consumes only 0.3 kw/kg of energy during molding.

Paul Caprio, CEO of KM’s U.S. subsidiary noted in a release from the event that his company received a “large number” of machine orders in 2012, saying that’s “a fact which proves that the American market developed very positively.”

KM has cooperated with Proper Group International since 2010, working as partners to develop polyurethane processing systems. The joint technology center houses KraussMaffei injection molding machines ranging from 800 and 27,000 kN for use in development, testing, and mold proving.

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