In healthcare reform, everything old is new again

January 27, 2010

Sixteen years ago, (Feb. 14, 1994) I wrote an article for another plastics industry publication on the federal health-care reform issues Congress was trying then to pass. Those reforms were going to cost small manufacturers - molders and mold makers - millions. That pending legislation, which ultimately didn't pass, had molders wringing their hands in despair about the outcome of possible reform and what it would do to the medical industry and their own companies.

Fast forward and here we are once again, facing the same threats to business and industry from the same entities that keep insisting that the federal government should run healthcare. And many of the same molders that I spoke with 16 years ago are staring at the same issue again. They were worried then, and they are worried now, about the increases in taxes, fees and fines that face them and their customers, not only in the medical device industry but across the board. While there are certain things that need to be fixed with regard to our system, we can only hope that the "cure" isn't worse than the disease.



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