Henkel, Tecnaro develop polyamide-based additives for bioplastics

Bioplastics compounder Tecnaro and adhesive and home/personal care products' supplier Henkel have joined forces to co-develop polyamide additives based on renewable raw materials that are said to significantly improve the performance of bioplastics. When compounded with these plastics, the additives are said to help improve properties such as stability and strength.

As we've written in the past, Tecnaro develops bioplastics and bioplastic-based compounds, with its plastics derived from lignin, a by-product of the paper/pulp industry. The company's plastics has been used in computer keyboards, coffins and urns, among other applications. In cooperation with Tecnaro, Henkel has developed polyamide additives that help upgrade the performance of its bio-based plastics.

Marketed under the name Makromelt, the additives contain a large proportion of natural raw materials, including dimer fatty acids based on natural oils (e.g. rapeseed and tall oil). The additives are suited for use in standard petroleum-based thermoplastics but also have a positive impact on the performance profile of bioplastics. Impact resistance and fiber-matrix adhesion are much improved by these additives, says Henkel.

Depending on the plastics formulation, the additives are capable of reducing processing temperature, too, it reports. A lower temperature limits stress on the fibers employed, with a positive effect on stability and appearance.

Henkel and Tecnaro are expanding Tecnaro's range of plastics to include ones containing Macromelt additives.




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