High-speed robots


Apex SC-W Series robots are the latest addition to the automation equipment lineup at AEC (Schaumburg, IL). Ideal for high-speed applications, SC-W robots provide less friction and smooth movement with all moving axes riding on a hardened steel rail with bearing guide. Also equipped with AC brushless motors and individual control, three axes can be synchronized to move to a designated point at the same time. The SC-W Series is designed for molding machines from 50-220 tons, and provides greater flexibility during pre- and postmolding applications. A ridged steel traverse beam and subweldment provide for near-deflection-free travel. The SC-W features 14 spare inputs and 14 spare outputs, C-90° pneumatic wrist rotate, full-color 8.4-inch touch-screen control pendant, and an SPI interface that includes 32-pin 10A robot side connector. Up to 10,000 programs can be stored. [email protected]

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