How the medtech industry learned to stop worrying and love open innovation: Page 2 of 2

November 04, 2015

extends a firm's innovation reach and aperture, but also ensures IP security and governance. With patent laws centering on first to file, our open innovation portals are critical in creating a trusted online environment for what we call iCommerce or Innovation Commerce," he adds.

The co-located MD&M Florida and PLASTEC South events will feature dozens of experts at conference sessions devoted to medical device innovation, Industry 4.0 and strategies for innovative, cost-effective package design. The events come to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 18 and 19.

This platform benefits not only larger, well-established companies, but also small startups, notes von Dyck. "Startups need to be experts in their domain. It would be dangerous to think you are the only one in the world thinking about a particular invention or technology," he says. "In fact, you need to leverage open innovation to collaborate with anyone in the world that has an interest in this area or is working on anything remotely connected."

Open innovation methodology is especially well adapted to the medtech space as it adjusts to a value-based healthcare model, which aims to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest cost. "Value-based healthcare requires new products, new services, new processes, new outcomes and new mindsets," says von Dyck. Abrupt, critical changes in a market amplify the need for open innovation, he adds, "as it can lead to ideas and change at a much faster pace, particularly when new acumen is needed that may not reside within the enterprise or institution."

Von Dyck has leveraged his 20-year history in the medtech space in the areas of endoscopic surgery, wound care, implantables and software to develop innovation management software that responds to the specific concerns and demands of the medical technology community. At eZassi, he helps client firms build communities for collaboration and co-design and enables technology cyber-scouting, invention capture and idea analytics, explains von Dyck. "Our key objective is to allow ‘safe disclosure without IP exposure' and ensure that medtech companies can maintain their freedom to operate while going open."

Von Dyck will be among the featured speakers on Thursday, Nov. 19, during a daylong conference, titled Making Your Innovations Count in a Value-based World, at the MD&M Florida and PLASTEC South trade shows in Orlando, FL. The events, produced by UBM Canon, come to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 18 and 19.

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